Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Keeping Busy

It was nice to wake up in our own home this morning.. We got up, had breakfast and then walked down to the bus stop and got the bus into Rugby town centre. Al had some books to take to the charity shop and we did some food shopping in good old cheaper Asda. We got the next bus back to Derwent6 and then unloaded our stuff.  After some lunch Del chopped up the rest of the wood we had in bags for kindling, and then chopped up the wood on the roof to fill the lockers for the next cold snap we are going to have.. The next thing was to look at the telly. As you all know we were having problems with the signal, and we were advised by Roadpro that we may have a problem with the tuner inside the receiver, so while we were down in Kent we picked one up. Al's dad Alf had an old one in the garage, so we took it back with us to try it.. Lo and behold it has sorted out the problem, or so far it has, fingers crossed..  so we didn't have our relaxing day we had planned, still there's always tomorrow......  

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