Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Penultimate Day on the Wey

After a couple of days of doing nothing, well not quite nothing, Del was out on his bike and Al was reading another book, we decided to move today. We were getting fed up with the balloons waking us up in the morning lol.
It was another lovely start to the day and very autumnal. We had sweat shirts on at the stern for the first time for a long time. We set off, leaving the cows watching us pull the pins and gliding past them.
We eased through Guildford and then got to Stoke lock. It feels like we have this river all to ourselves as we never passed another boat. We soon got back to Send where we had also spent a few days last week, but we wanted to get on a bit further. The locks were all in our favour and made things very easy for us with the gates open. We got to Papercourt Lock and met our first boat who was just coming out the gates. We then found a spot to moor on Papercourt meadows here. It was just starting to get cloudy. Del was out on his bike again keeping up his training plan to lose some weight before Christmas, Ermmm sorry did we mention Christmas....
At 7.00pm it tipped it down as we sat in front of the TV. It will be an early night for us as we have an early start in the morning..

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