Saturday, December 17, 2011

Strictly Buffet

It was another cold night and we were iced in when we woke up. When this happens you just want to pull up the duvet cover and hibernate. This made the decision for us, not to move today. Al was planning a Christmas dinner but we had a lot of food close to it's sell by date so we had a massive buffet instead. We called it our strictly party buffet as Al was wetting herself waiting for the final in the evening. We then had a bit of a rain shower which cleared most of the ice away but as it got darker it got colder and it started to freeze again. Del got a tip from Gary on the boat next door that there was a pallet for kindling just up the way, so we collected it and put it on the roof. We picked at the food all day and got the atmosphere right for Strictly Come Dancing. With a roaring fire and the twinkling lights and glitter of course, we snuggled down on the sofa. Well done Harry!!!!!


Keith Lodge said...

You ought to use that pallet for storing your coal on the roof, it will stop the bags freezing to your paintwork! If you remove the centre section it will straddle the curve of your roof quite nicely.

Keith & Jo

Del and Al said...

lol that pallet won't be on there long enough! So we store the coal on top of the plank.......but thanks for the advice