Thursday, December 08, 2011

On coal in the winds

Well for the first time this year we are out of wood and will have to start on coal. You get more control with coal and it will last all day, but we really do miss the smell of wood burning. When we tried to move the old coal bag on the roof it split open where the bag had perished through the summer and tipped coal all over the roof, Del was not happy....

The wind had got up in this time and we pulled the ropes in as we were rocking about a bit. It was so warm and snug on Derwent6 we just spent the best part of the day watching the wind and rain bashing and lashing around us.


Anonymous said...

Sounds so cosy - can we come and stay soon?
Z xxx

Del and Al said...

Of course you can :-) will sort something out after xmas xxx