Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas with friends (and Bonnie the Bear)

After our chilled out evening last night we felt a bit better this morning. We sorted out the fire and had breakfast before we had a knock on the side of Derwent6. We were greeted at 11.00am, by Bonnie the Bear and Jo and Keith off n.b. Hadar, who we invited round for coffee and mince pies (kindly supplied by Jo). We had a lot of catching up to do and it was good to see them looking so well. We also always put the world to right. Bonnie is on a mission to get on as many boats as possible and Derwent6 was the first, she even has a facebook page. They all left at about 1.30pm and we chilled in the afternoon. In the evening we were invited round by Gary and Beryl off n.b. The Answer. We had a great time downing more wine and beers, we love this Christmas lark.........We came back to Derwent6 with aching faces where we had laughed all night, at around 1.30am, trying to be a bit quieter then last time. Good job the bed was made and ready to just fall into........

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