Friday, November 18, 2011

Winter Jobs Day

We stayed put today to get those winter jobs sorted before the cold weather starts. We have been very lucky so far and it is going to bite us on the bum if we don't plan for it. So first it was the engine, checking the antifreeze levels and topping up as required. Then it was the central heating, making sure we have a clean glow plug and anti freeze in the system. Then we set about doing the rails on the cupboard doors; Fernwood had kindly supplied us with modified heavy duty runners. They fitted a treat and it was a job well done. The light soon closed in and we had to get rid of some rubbish as Al had been having a bit of a sort out. If we don't use it for six months on Derwent6 it goes. So a good day today. Al is wetting herself over Strictly tomorrow. Look out for her on the live Wembley show on Saturday night...........Del will be watching on Derwent6


Anonymous said...

Dont get carried away and jump onto the dance floor Al!! V jealous - will be looking for you x Speak soon - we need to arrange a meet!



Lisa said...

Oh you lucky thing seeing my Ab Fav Il Divo!!!!!
And and course all the dancing, but Il Divo, WOW

Del and Al said...

Hi Z
I ran down there at the end.....couldn't help myself lol xxx

Del and Al said...

Hi Lisa, Il Divo were fab....gave us goosebumps!!! x