Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ashes to Ashes

As you may have gathered we had travelled down to Kent again. This time it was for Del's Dad again as we had to spread his ashes. It was his wish to have them scattered at his favourite view point at Epple Bay near Birchington. All twenty of us arrived at the bungalow where he lived, and then walked down to the sea front. It was a bit worrying as it was very windy, but after finding a place where the wind blew right across the bay, we done the deed. We let off some balloons and threw some flowers with a glass of champers in hand. Dad got his wishes. Then we all had a nice meal in a sea front pub. It should have been sad but it turned out to be a good day, Len would have been proud of us all.

The following day was a Christmas shopping day for Del & Al. We try to do it while we're down in Kent so we don't have to store it all on Derwent6.

We had a good day and got most of it done, just some on line stuff to do to finish it off. We also got our Christmas photo done for making our Christmas cards this year. So it has been a busy weekend but we are now ready for Christmas...


Anonymous said...

How lovely - you must take us there one day! Sorry to have missed you AGAIN - get in touch so we can arrange a meet up next time you are down xxxxx Is Terry back in Birchington now?

Z xx

Del and Al said...

Thanks Z, sorry couldn't get to see you, just really pushed for time. Will definitely meet up next time :-)xxx