Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Slapton to Soulbury

We left Slapton after a bit of a lazy morning and trying to get organised. It was around 9.15am and we made our way to Grove church lock getting some washing done on the way. It was still a bit shallow, but we weren't in any hurry. We soon got to Grove lock and below this lock BW were pulling a couple of boats out of the water. We managed to squeeze by.... We then got to Leighton Buzzard where we topped up with water. We like to keep topped up, in case we suddenly get this bad weather the berries are predicting. After we had filled up, we moved fifty metres to the front door of Tesco's where Al filled up the cupboards. We then carried on to Soulbury and the weather just got better and better. Do you think this is the hand of God following us on the way? Hmmm. We managed to get moored up in daylight for a change. We got ourselves sorted with telly and the fire and then decided to go out for a bite to eat. We walked the 30 metres down to the pub, not a good move, because we staggered back at 10.00pm.

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