Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Tesco's and Engine sorted

After organising our Tesco delivery we moved around the corner to fill with water and wait for them to turn up. We then got a call from Sam the Beta engineer who said he could fit our new belt adjuster. So while we were here we might as will get it sorted out. Tesco's arrived at about 11.30am and Sam turned up around 1.00pm. It took a couple of hours to get the belts and pulleys done but it seems to have sorted out the noise. We then got talking to another couple, Dean and Jackie, who are thinking of buying a boat. We also done the brasses and changed the fenders to bigger ones. Well we don't know where the afternoon went and it started to rain so we decided to stay put for the day. We walked down the pub to see the football in the evening but they had lost their Sky connection, still the beer was good!!!!!

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