Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cruising in the wind

We all woke up to light rain but were really itching to go. After getting a paper and having breakfast, we could see a dry window in which to set off.

The wind did create some problems but we soon got to Hillmorton locks. A lot of boats were having trouble here and we had a problem getting out of one of the locks as we were jammed in by a guy unable to stop his boat drifting into Derwent6. Still no harm done and we moved on till we found a mooring in the middle of nowhere. The rest of the day we played music and Al and Tanya played a few games while the heavens opened. We had dinner out in the cratch under candle light before settling down to watch a DVD late in the evening. Al did fall asleep halfway through though, sabotaged by Del and Tanya. Bless!

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