Monday, September 20, 2010

A Model Weekend

After just three hours sleep we were up at 8.00am making a cup of strong coffee in the camper van. Bernie was picking Del and Graham up at 9.30am as they were meeting Steve and all going to an Aircraft, Boat and Car Model Show at Paddock Wood in Kent. The sun was shining and they had a great day watching the planes. They even had some canal boats there.Al went off and spent the day in Bluewater shopping centre. Afterwards it was back to friends Bernie and Sarah's where we were treated with Gammon and Pork for dinner. With the lack of sleep, it wasn't long before we felt the need to crash out on their lounge floor, on a blow up bed. Sorry folks.

In the morning Del went out flying with Bernie and was met later in the day by Steve. They had a great day flying. There were some good scale models there, just look at the detail in this cockpit.

We both then made our way back to Al's Mum and Dads to stay there the night.

In the morning we got the train back to Derwent6 and had just put our ruck sacks down when round the corner came n.b Maisibert with Andy and Hilary. They moored just in front of us and soon invited us on for coffee. We sat chatting for a couple of hours before we went back for something to eat. Andy wanted us to sample his homemade wine, so we went back at 8.00pm. It was another long night with music and wine, and a little bit worse for wear again!

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