Thursday, August 05, 2010

We're in at Cropredy

We were up early this morning as we wanted to be first on the waterpoint at Banbury. We were up at 5.30am (yes 5 !!!!! something!) and we set off at 6.10am. We quietly got to the water point by 7.00am. We managed to fill to the brim and do a manual pumpout, but couldn't use Morrrison's due to the fact this massive store didn't open till 8.00am. With the lock in Banbury in our favour we went through town (missing the chimney on the lift bridge this time). We had a quiet run until we hit Slat lock where British Waterways were working on a broken sill. After a twenty minute wait they removed the wooden section of the sill and let us through with care.After talking to the BW men they said there were still a couple of moorings left before Cropredy but they were going fast, so the first one we saw we drifted into.It was right on the bend and we are bound to get clobbered but at least we were in. We managed to set the telly up and also got a good 3G signal.
We then went for a walk into the village and were amazed at how busy it was. There was a small gap in front of us but it was a bit shallow and then there were no moorings right into the village. Five boats were queuing for the water point. We went to the pubs and got their gig lists for the weekend and next week but more about that later. We then went to the village shop (which seems to sell everything) and picked up some more beers before we walked back to Derwent6. After a few beers and the early start it wasn't long before we were crashed out on the bed to catch up with sleep. We woke up at around 6.00pm and had some dinner before watching a DVD in the evening.


Anonymous said...


Lovely to see what a great time Tom had , looks likes he's a canal boat convert!

Great to see your journey to Cropredy, have a fantastic time.


artymess said...

first went to Cropredy about 20 years ago Lovely festival and the bonus is to walk along the bank and see narrowboats and dream .......