Monday, August 02, 2010

Heyford and beyond

After our restful day yesterday we moved on up through the tight twists and turns of the Oxford canal to Lower Heyford. It really is a beautiful canal and we are really enjoying being back on it. We managed to get on the water point after a twenty minute wait, but it gave us the chance to look around. The station here is right by the canal and the moorings are like rocking horse poo. We used the shop and got rid of our rubbish before moving off. We then passed Chas & Ann on n.b Moore2life and had a quick word as we passed. It was nice to see them. We moved on up through Upper Heyford and on to Somerton where we went through the 12 foot deep lock. Al seemed miles away from the bottom of the lock. When we got to the top we decided to stop at the marshes at Clifton. We had a lovely mooring overlooking just fields. We were going to get to Aynho but never made it... We relaxed in the evening and watched a bit of telly (for a change)

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