Saturday, August 07, 2010

A Good Music Day

We had a lazy day today and chilled as you do. Al walked down the shop and picked up a paper while Del tinkered with Derwent6. We played music for the best part of the day and waited for the evening. It has been a day full of showers and the weather didn't know what it wanted to do.We then walked to The Brasenose pub and waited for a new band "Feed Me" to come on. They took a bit of time setting up but Wow was it worth it.
One guy on the guitar looked only seventeen but could make the thing talk and the guy on the drums looked eighteen, who they called the Animal, but he looked and played like a early Roger Taylor from Queen..... And at one point three of them were all playing the bass guitar. Fantastic! Look out for these guys in the future, a really good night!
Only problem was, we forgot the torch again and had to walk home in the dark without spraining an ankle.

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