Monday, July 26, 2010

What's this stuff, Rain!

After a quick night, Thomas was up and ready to cruise, but it was raining, and we don't like cruising in the rain. We had some breakfast and the rain eased off, so we bit the bullet and went for it. Wrong!!! it rained from the minute we got to the first lock. It was that fine rain where you just seem to get really wet and it even blows under an umbrella. Still Thomas thought it was great fun and the rain did bring out the wildlife, which is his favorite subject.....
The scenery along this part of the Thames is beautiful, and it was a shame it was raining. We then got to Goring which also looked very nice, but the weather stopped us going there. We're sure there will be another time.... The weather started to get a bit better and it stopped raining as we carried on to Wallingford. The moorings here were again a bit scarce, but we managed to stick Derwent6 up against a high wall right outside the pub The Boat House. Al and Thomas then went and explored the town and found the castle (Oh and Waitrows). Opposite us was a campsite and for four pounds it had a outside heated swimming pool which was open to the public. So as the sun had started to come out and the pool was nearly empty, it was swimmers on again and Del and Thomas had some fun. Swimming pools make you hungry, so we went into the pub next to Derwent6 and had Steak and chips for £3.99.
Then we needed to walk that off so we went Geocaching to find the long lost churchyard and Al found a ammo box with hidden contents. Thomas did a swap for something he liked ....great fun!!!
Yep we were knacked as we walked back to Derwent6 and we sat in the cratch for a bit where Del got his toes bit, before crashing into bed!!!


Lisa said...

Thomas has just got to be a nephew perhaps of Al? They are like peas in a pod.
We swam in the very same pool in Abingdon and there wasn't anyone else there either, about 18 yrs ago when we did the Thames. Sadly we found Gin Palacers very sniffy about us Hires, hope its better for you all
Lisa & David Carr

Lisa said...

(No sorry I meant to have put Del)

Del and Al said...

Hi Lisa & David
Yep well spotted Thomas is our nephew, Del's brothers lad. As for the Gin Palacers, most are great but the ones that ignore us, we just shout Helloooooooo very