Sunday, July 04, 2010

Two Good Deeds for the Day

Decided not to move again today, so Del walked up for a paper while Al did breakfast. We then cleaned Derwent6 as it was covered in dust, inside and out. We then did some jobs like oil the woodwork and lubricating the hinges. We had a boat moor up in front of us last night and on trying to set off this morning, their engine would not start. The next thing we saw was another boat breasting up alongside them to tow them back to the marina. Del thought he would have a quick look for them and soon sussed out that it was a jammed starter solenoid. With a quick tap on top of the starter away she went...

We were watching the tennis and before we knew it the couple on the boat were back again, this time they had lost their cat Rollo. He had jumped off in all the kerfuffle with the engine not starting.

After a hour and a lot of calling, we found Rollo over the lakes behind us...Two good deeds for the day!

In the evening we went for a walk over to the station and back along the Grand Union, getting rid of our rubbish on the way.

We then had a nice Salad out in the cratch before Al watched her Desperate Housewives.

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