Thursday, July 29, 2010

Al's away, so we had a Museum day

We were woken up by the rowers at 6.00am this morning!! but we had to get up early anyway. Al was going down to Kent because her mum was having her leg put in plaster at the hospital.

Del and Thomas left Al at 10.00am at Oxford station and then made their way to Oxford's biggest museum, the Ashmolean. They were in there till lunchtime when they came out and had a McDonald's. They then went to the Science museum before they checked out some of the universities before heading back to Derwent6. Del and Thomas then waited for Al to return, where we shared the stories of the day.

Thomas did want us to mention that he had made a new friend which he named "Blindy". He was a duck with one eye...


Northern Pride said...

We saw the very same duck...however whenever food came out, he was able to open this droopy eyelid! So we named him Winky.

Del and Al said...

That made us laugh !!