Saturday, July 11, 2009

Out with all the boys (and girls)

Horrible drizzle this morning.. but was up doing some interior cleaning and then we made our way down to Calcutt locks again as we were meeting up with family. Cliff, (Del's brother) Lou, and the five kids are hiring a boat from Calcutt marina and Len & Terry were coming on board with us. So we waited for them to have all their instructions before heading off towards Stockton Locks. Cliff did really well handling the 60 foot, nine berth boat they have and only went in the trees once! We got to the bottom of the flight with no problems and the kids loved it. We moored right outside The Blue Lias pub and got a few drinks with the kids playing on the swings and slides.It started to rain when another two crew members turned up, Karen and Kerry. We all had a good night drinking wine on Cliff's boat till the late hours.

PS We will not be blogging everyday now for a few weeks due to the fact we don't want to be worrying about doing it everyday, and want to enjoy our time with our family, so for all you hardcore people out there, please be patient with us.......we promise we will blog when we can!

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Keith and Jo said...

A family affair, how wondferful. It looks great fun. All that help with the locks, you lucky things. Nice to see someone else having a bloffing break, whilst cruising. It is great to have a break and when you come back to it, you will feel refreshed. Happy cruising.