Monday, July 06, 2009

Cherry picking when we move

We got up this morning with the sun shining through the porthole so decided to turn around. We were going to Rugby, but because of the bad film reviews at the weekend, we didn't have any reason to go. The only problem with turning round is that it would take us three hours and the weather was also turning. We got going and we soon got the odd shower. At the turning point (winding hole) you could see the rain coming in the distance, and it seemed like we were going through the middle of some showers. It was the thunder and lightening that made up our minds to stop. We then watched the rain come down, and boy did it rain. We had to loosen off the guide ropes as the water levels rose. In between showers we found some wild cherry trees so did a bit of cherry picking....should make a nice pie or crumble. Later we will be watching a bit of TV, as its Torchwood tonight.


eric wilson said...


Enjoy your blog very much, but have to ask a question.

Are 'guide' ropes the female version of 'boy scout' ropes or did you mean to write 'guy' ropes.

Happy boating

Anonymous said...

Save some pie for me!!!!!!Dad @ Telxxxxxxxxxxx

Del and Al said...

Hi Eric
lol.......well spotted!!

Del and Al said...

Hi Dad & Tel
Might be all gone by then!!!Looking forward to seeing you soon x