Friday, July 17, 2009

Out into the country

We left this morning and made our way past the point of where Cliff & Lou picked up the hire boat. Cliff had always wanted to see Braunston as we had always talked about it on this blog. The weather was showers but we were lucky as we seemed to be dodging them. We got through Calcutt locks ok and then made the turn into the countryside. We had Matthew on board today and he had a go on the tiller but seemed to enjoy adjusting the engine revs more. With a big bowl of bread on the roof, the ducks and swans were doing all right as well. We got to Braunston at around 2.00pm and moored up outside the pub. The girls walked up to the shop, while Cliff went around the marina he was looking forward to. When we all got back together Del and Cliff went for a walk to Wolfhampcote Church and went to find the old tank along the disused railway. It is quite a nice path out to the old village and the old route of the canal. You can still follow the old canal route and it is full of water. When we got to where the tank was, it turned out to be a special pursuit vehicle, but it was in good condition and you could go right inside it. We then got back to Derwent6 and went over to the pub so the kids could climb on the equipment there. Ella just loved the slide and this springy bird!!!! We stayed put that night, it had seemed a lovely long day.

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