Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter trip Day two (Smashing Day)

We left the bottom of Napton flight at around 11.00am and joined the queue of six boats, which took us a hour to get through the locks, before the rain came down hard. We were waiting at one of the locks and we were holding Derwent6 on the bollard on the centre rope waiting to go in. The lock gates were opened both together fast by a hire boat and the wave pulled Derwent6 back. As it pulled on the centre rope it pulled us on its side and there was a loud crash inside. All the cupboard and drawers had flown open and all the plates had fallen out of them, smashing them on the floor. A lesson learnt we think. After picking up the pieces we wended on our way. It wasn't till 3.00pm when the sun came out and Bernie took the tiller, and with no further damage, due to the fact it was so busy... It was 6.00pm when we got to Fenny and we got water and was then lucky to get a mooring. We had something to eat at the Whalf before retiring back to Derwent6, Match of the Day and bed.

A Smashing Day, don't you think!


Anonymous said...

Your never too old to learn then, good to see Bern at the tiller but was Sarah giving him the directions, you know a womans sense of direction espically when there are lights. Hope you are all having a good time and see you all soon.

Steve, Erica, Tanya & Zak

Louise & Cliff said...

Oh dear sure it was not Bernie's steering that caused the smashing session or you just doing charades (the boat that rocked)
Hope you have a good trip can't wait till July now until then I am still able to take the mick but I feel sure all my little mistakes will be blogged for all to see.
Cliff,Lou and mob

LES said...

Had a similar incident when i first started boating and the cure was some of that thin rubbery matting from the pound shops that my pile of plates etc now sit on plus anything else that might slide like a plant pot that at the time came near to sliding off a shelf.

Debbie said...

Sorry to hear you lost your crockery. I think we all lose bits and pieces along the way, we did the same as Les with the non slip stuff, but as I like the odd knick knack I find Blu Tack is really handy and we always have superglue on hand! it amazes me just how things do stay in place, there is only the odd thing we have to put a little Blu Tack under in case of a bump I am new to your blog and think Derwent6 is a credit to you both. Loving your photos too! Deb+John Nb Tickety Boo.