Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter trip Day four

We got up early today with the sun shining through the portholes...Yipppeeee!!!!
We got out the chairs and had a fried breakfast out on the towpath...While we were there we spotted someone else wanting breakfast. A owl was scanning a field opposite us and diving down to eat his next catch. This was the best shot we got of him.
We set off at around 1.00pm and passed n.b Moore 2 life ( It was nice to see them as Ann was walking the dog past us during the morning, but we didn't know who she was...we will have to catch up some day.

We took a steady cruise down to Braunston taking in the wildlife, and hit the bottom lock with no queues, but when we got to the Admiral Nelson we were in a queue of four. There we met Brian and Diana off n.b. Harnser ( on the way back to Napton. It was good to chat while waiting for the locks.

We then hit the tunnel and only met two other boats, but it was a bit foggy in there. The good old Frances lamp lit up the way for us. We got to Norton junction at around 5.30pm and reversed back to the water point to have some chilli and rice, while we filled with water. Bernie and Sarah loaded up the car for their return trip and we then took our mooring spot for a coffee and our last goodbyes.

Thanks guys for a super Easter weekend!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks dell&al for a great Easter weekend the kids enjoyed it to look forward to seeing you soon.
best wishes bern&family

Del and Al said...

we all had a great time :-)