Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Afternoon visitors

Today we just cleaned Derwent6 inside and out...We wanted to get the roof polished again before it rained, as everything had got so Dusty.
The answer is no we are not bored yet of doing the brasses, purly because of all the comments we get when Derwent6 is so shiney. At the moment is like getting a new car and you want to clean it every weekend...we will just see if we are cleaning Derwent6 as much in a years time....we hope so!
We had lunch and decided to go down the pub in the afternoon for a quick pint of Frog Island, and as we were going over the lock, who should turn up but Pat & Keith. It was lovely to see them both and they came back to Derwent6 for a quick coffee.
Yes we had another lovely sunset and it stayed light till 8.15pm Wooppeee!!!!!!


Keith and Jo said...

Hey guys, if you ever get bored doing your brass and paintwork, you can come and do ours, I will supply the brasso hahaha. I love keeping our boat nice and shiney. There is something rewarding about looking at shiney brass. You both have a lovely time and I will keep an eye on how your getting on. Jo x

Anonymous said...

It was lovely to see you both.The boat looks beautiful keep up the good work. Have a good Easter and we'll meet up again soon. Lots of love. Mum & Keith XX