Friday, February 26, 2021

You know its coming!

So we have been snuggled down here now for over yet another week. This winter seems so weird to us because we haven't got to move unless we need water and services, but secretly we have quite enjoyed it.. We think its because we have been in some good spots during lockdown.


Its really all about planning, and heat is the top priority to worry about!

You need to be warm and that can be difficult living on a boat.

They were saying it would drop to minus 5 and in rural areas lower that that. With Derwent6 having a wood burner, it is very important to keep the coal and wood topped up and then keeping them dry is the other challenge.  If you have diesel heating then keeping the tanks topped up is a necessity. On Derwent6 we have a central heating boiler which runs on diesel, but our cheaper option is the wood burner. Then there is always the bed and a good duvet to snuggle into!..

Our water luckily never freezes, but its something to consider (which could happen) so we carry a container of water and keep it inside just in case.

Then there is being iced in, so planning is involved so you preserve the water you have as its not going to be easy to fill the tank. Things like only splash and dash showers, half a bowl of washing up water and not leaving taps running, will help. We have to consider our battery temperatures as well so the heater goes on when the thermometer drops below five degrees. Anyway enough about that, what have we been up too.

Well taking some scenic walks as at this time of year the countryside looks spectacular.

We also have to walk into the village for food and we build in a walk round that. We also use the post office for picking up deliveries and parcels and of course we have to go by the fish and chip shop to build up the fat to keep us warm.

Al has had her head into her books during lockdown and Del has been gaming and guitaring, but Al wanted a new venture, so Del brought her a piano, yes a piano. Al's old keyboard had given up the ghost, but this is a folding full length keyboard with ivory keys and the sound is amazing.. It folds up to the size of a laptop, but half its width, so its easy to store on Derwent6.

It unfolds and locks tight, and although digital it plays and sounds like a piano, with the advantage of a full size piano keyboard..  Al loves it!

It was minus 8 last night and we are locked in solid with ice, but we are very content to be here for another week.



Anonymous said...

A grrreat place to be iced in, glad to see you enjoying your winterwonderland together.
I only wish we were near a lovely fish and chip shop, your pic makes me drooool!
Lovely pics of your cruise and glad to see that Tony is still cruising too.
We had the Pfizer vaccine in Feb. The queue was long, but as it was a very well organised with plenty of volunteers, it didn't take long. Hope you get yours soon.
Cheers from A&K XXx

Del and Al said...

Thanks guys, yes its a perfect spot and handy for the vaccination hub when its our turn, can't wait now! Take care both x