Friday, February 26, 2021

Water Washing, and there's an Echo

So we have been static for two weeks and its time to move for water..

There was still slight patches of ice on the canal, but we took a chance! We knew Brinklow marina had changed hands and was now part of the chain of Castle marina's, but now was the time for us to give it a try as it was just half an hour away and we needed the services. We set off at 8.00am and hit some ice, but it was very thin and didn't do any damage..

It is always nice to be cruising again and just getting the cogs spinning..

We soon pulled into the marina and were greeted by Dave Trivett the Manager and Mark Willmott the Harbour Master.

We were given top service as they did our pump out and explained what was going on here..

We were even loaded up with some wood from all the work going on here.. They were in the process of moving the gate so it was safer to get in and out by car, and all the pontoons were being replaced.. Blimey things were moving fast and if it all happens, or as Mark says "When it happens" it will be amazing here..

Our plan was to have our pump out and then stay for a couple of days to get all our washing up to date.. Mark instructed us to a mooring and we then had to manoeuvre on to it..

Al then arranged a Asda delivery and we set up our new toy..

We have purchased a Amazon Echo Dot, yep we know, Alexa has joined our crew.

It now holds all our music and for £3.99 a month gives you full access to over 70 million songs.. Of course if you have a question just ask Alexa. The great thing is it has a low power mode and only takes 1.2 watts so takes nothing out of the batteries, perfect for boats..

The sound it gives off is fantastic and links in with our phones and other devices.. 

It pays to have a few gifts through this difficult time, just to keep you going. Hopefully we are coming up for our vaccination's soon, so we will hang around and wait for our notification's. 


tony said...

hi guys sorry couldn't stop had covid letters we are booked in for jabs Saturday in Atherstone

Del and Al said...

Hi Tony, no worries, pleased you're all booked in, that great news!

Anonymous said...

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Good said...

Very nice boat, could use a laser cleaner if maintained