Friday, November 20, 2020

Sticking and things!


So here we are stuck in lockdown again, but this time we are on the outskirts of Brinklow.. We have been told not to move only for food, water, diesel or waste tanks.. We have been static for two weeks which is our 14 days, even though the moorings have been suspended for the month.. Yep we are now running low on diesel (because solar has been poor)  and our water is also getting low, but most importantly food is also low so we will be moving in the next few days. 

So what do you do in a 65 foot x 6 foot 10 inch steel shell? Well we can honestly say we never ever get bored, there is loads to do. Of course there are DIY jobs if you want to do them, but then there are necessities to do like, engine routine maintenance, cleaning leaves out of gullies and off the roof, doing the fire in the morning (including cleaning it out, cleaning the chimney, cleaning the glass and of course lighting it). Another job is sticking, luckily we had a guy cutting the hedges close to us..

Sticking is collecting loads of sticks and chopping them up for kindling and then letting them dry by the fire to light it in the morning..

In the afternoon it was another walk to the pharmacy to collect another prescription. We do this over the winter months so we have a build up of tablets to last us through the summer months.. 


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