Friday, November 06, 2020

One of our best cruises (and through Nuneaton)

We wanted to leave early today as we had a bit of cruising to do to get where we wanted to be for Lockdown. It turned out to be one of the prettiest cruises we have ever done, and believe it or not it was through Nuneaton. Check out these pictures and judge for yourselves.

We woke up to frost on the roof and an orange tint in the sky as the sun tried to come up..

Calm, smoke on the water, smoke from the chimney, and clear undisturbed water and everything tranquil..

It was just one of those days when the throttle on Derwent6 just wouldn't go past idle and you soaked up what was going on around you as we came into Nuneaton..

It felt like heaven, as we purred along following this line of fog on the water, which was lit up by the sun shining through it, it just felt unreal.

But did become very difficult to see things at bridges, it was a good job we were guided by the swans..

We still followed this light towards Coventry. 

We then passed the Ashby canal and had trouble seeing this tight little bridge after it, and had to creep through as the sun got blocked by the bridge..

 We then got to Hawkesbury junction and stopped for water again, just to make sure we were full to the brim for lockdown, and got rid of our one bag of rubbish we had got from the food shop Al did yesterday..

We took the turn onto the North Oxford and went through Sutton Stop lock where we met our first boat of the day.

Back on old stomping ground we made our way towards Rugby as the sun rose higher and warmed us up a bit..

We still had the place to ourselves as we reached Ansty.

Watched by this beautiful girl.

We then reached Roses narrowboats and the little swingbridge.

We carried on and moored at one of our favourite moorings at All Oaks as we had some prescriptions to pick up at our doctor's in Brinklow. It was such a lovely winters day and it was nice to stretch our legs and walk into Brinklow, BUT! the problem was we couldn't resist the smell of the fish and chip shop to help us on the walk back, they were lovely!!


Lisa said...

I can smell those F&C's from here too.
Lisa x

John and Louise said...

What a fabulous day. Who knew Nuneaton could look like that. Stay safe you two and hopefully see you over winter xx

Anonymous said...

Fantastic pics Del cruising along and yes I could never resist visiting the chippy at Brinklow either.
Just right for warming you up on a cool day, perfick.
A&K xx

nb Bonjour said...

A lovely virtual cruise along canals we know well to enjoy for lockdown, thanks! I'm sure there'll be plenty of mist around this month but I shall miss seeing it on the water!
stay safe

Del and Al said...

Thanks everyone, it was a perfect day for cruising. Absolutely love this time of year. Stay safe all during these difficult times x