Saturday, August 29, 2020

Special Guests

The following day we had our god daughter Tanya coming up for a few days. The weather didn't look brilliant but she just wanted to see us and have a change of scenery, and that we could definitely supply.. She arrived in good time, as the roads weren't that bad, and we both met her in the carpark. We walked back to Derwent6 and she pulled out some goodies which she had picked up on the way here.. It was a warm day even though it was damp and wet so we hit the coffee and chatted in the cratch..

The weather looked a bit better the following day and while we were in Congerstone we booked a table for lunch. 
Tanya had already picked what she was going to have before we left Derwent6! Again we had a nice table and the food was amazing.

The trouble was the drinks were flowing and nothing was going to be done in the afternoon so the bubbly came out ..

Del used the time to polish the side as we planned to turn around the following day.. and Tooty helped.


Lisa said...

Lovely to have company. Which do you prefer, Bollinger or Moet?

Del and Al said...

Haha, you know me, I'm not fussy! :-)