Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Fun weekend in the sun

So we have had a right lot of fun over the last three days and haven't really had the time to blog, but it really has helped us get back out into society and mixing with people after being on our own for so long.. We had this lovely mooring on the Ashby and had no intention of moving for a week and the weather was just perfect for the BBQ to flow every night.. On the Thursday night John had booked us in to the Horse and Jockey pub for a meal and to get us all out..
It was fabulous and so well organised. Tables well spread out, easy to keep sanitising, well staffed, being kept clean,  and the food was amazing..
On the Friday we met up with another Fernwood boat, David and Lisa on n.b What a Lark, and again the food was flowing with beers and wine being drunk till very late in the evening, great fun.. We were all being sensible and respected each others space..
There was plenty to celebrate!!


Lisa said...

We should do this again, I'll bring the next bottle!!

Del and Al said...

Any jolly lovely it was too! xxx