Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Lockdown in this lovely weather

Well we have been sitting tight in a place where we are content.. We are now a bit itchy to move, as we're sure everyone is, as that is why we do this, but we could be in a worse place.. The weather has been amazing and to be honest it has been reasonably quiet round here.. We have had loads of wildlife with the ducklings sprouting out in the non human world at the moment..

We have had to keep our eye on the cat as he has a eye on the ducklings.. We have a swan who sits next to us every day but he knows how to handle Tooty..
Oh the BBQ has been out a few times now and saving us on the gas bottle..
It is also nice for Al as Del does the cooking when we have a BBQ..
We have still been good and not hit the wine or beer hard, but we do have a little binge occasionally.
We didn't get a reply from CRT regarding the grass cutting, but it did get a mention in the latest news letter, so fair play something did get done about it.. Here is what they put in the News letter:

"Keeping the canal side safe

Some people have expressed concern that we have carried on grass cutting and other vegetation maintenance on some parts of the network.  We want to reassure you that wherever possible we have stopped these works and large tranches of our programme are on hold including the general suspension of mainline grass cutting.  However, there are some instances where we believe that it is essential that we should continue on safety grounds. These include:
  • Lock sides, where people may still need to navigate and there is equipment that if hidden can become a danger
  • Landings and mooring for the same reasons
  • Maintaining accesses to towpath moorings
  • To make sure that we can still carry out our essential safety inspections on key assets – embankments, reservoirs and the like"

We have now been given a month extension on our licences, which is better than nothing..  Del even cut the grass close to us, well it is our garden at the moment.
We are still managing to get our shopping for us and Del's Mum.
Del went out on his bike and did 15 miles to pick up a prescription from the nearest pharmacy, and Al has read another two books..
  Oh and Del cleaned the oven lol....


Anonymous said...

Perfick, to have your very own space, with added sunshine too.
I think you will have to stay awhile yet, as the nearest shopping points are miles away.
I got on my bike after donkeys years, but only managed a couple of miles, so hope Del was ok after doing 15!
This is our 55th day of self isolation, but not getting bored....yet.
Ann&Keith xx

tony said...

can I ask is there any signage by you saying no fishing or canoeing or are we reliant on the Internet.we are br48 on the Coventry on the offside so no worries about walkers or del on his bike

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Hi there,

I gather you have met our son on nb Waka Huia - please let me know if he is behaving in a manner that his parents would approve of ...

Big hugs to you both, M&D xx

Del and Al said...

Hi Ann & Keith, Well done for trying out your bike, its something we never forget. Del was fine as he's done a lot of cycling over the years, so not too saddle sore lol!
Gosh 55 days is a long time, but so glad you are both keeping safe, Take care xxx

Del and Al said...

Hi Tony, yes, there were several notices saying 'no fishing' but obviously that's all changed now! Well done for getting on the offside, that makes a massive difference to the old stress levels! Take care both xxx

Del and Al said...

Hi Marilyn & David, Yes! We've met your lovely son a couple of times. Really pleased he's able to use your boat, and all seems to be going well.
Take care both in NZ xxx