Sunday, May 31, 2020

Birthday Girl and friends

Well we have given things a break for a bit as we are still static ... But a lot has happened!!
First we had a Birthday, and Al was just a little bit older..
It was difficult to have a birthday in lockdown but we made the most of it. We were also lucky with the weather, which has been amazing, and it gave us the excuse to open a big bottle of prosecco and some nibbles to get us started..
Al opened all her cards in the morning and she had a couple of presents, one of them being chocolate..
In the afternoon we were visited by Del's Mum and Keith and the chairs were spread across the grass.
They had brought along some lovely cupcakes and they went down well with a coffee to sober up a bit..
 They left after a couple of hours in the sun. As the weather was so good we decided to keep the momentum going so we lit the BBQ and got back on the drinks..

A big thank you for all of Al's cards and to Hannah for posting them up to us..

So we have been out for a nice walk and had visitors we didn't expect..
Kev (who with Ann used to have n.b Rock and Roll) , had biked down from Yorkshire and found us. We had a good catch up about everything.
  We have really been watching our own wild life programme, and have a pair of swans and their cygnets on our port side, and blue tits nesting on our starboard side, we are so lucky here..

It has been amazing here as we have made friends with the male swan and he has now made friends with Tooty the cat. They do keep social distancing and have an agreement that they just don't bother each other.. We think Tooty protects them from the birds and foxes which might threaten the cygnets,  and Tooty doesn't get hissed at or bothered when he goes out at night.. Here the Dad is showing the babies how and where to get out of the water..

Del has been building and watching the full size gliders in the engine room, and now can't wait to fly when we get into the middle of nowhere, which will be soon.



Unknown said...

Happy belated birthday good to see you two are keeping well we are making the best of lockdown I'm still at work managed to slip up the boat over the weekend as she was in some dire need of tlc stay safe and see you soon


Del and Al said...

Hi Andrew, thank you! glad all OK. Glad you managed to get to the boat and hopefully it wont be long before everyone can get cruising again, fingers crossed. Look after yourself

Unknown said...

🤞 we are hoping if all goes well to spend a week out at the end of the mouth subject to restrictions possibly go down to stokebrain or head up the ashby who knows 🤞🤞 stay safe you 2

Richard and Andrew