Sunday, February 16, 2020

Being kept company!

So we have been keeping ourselves to ourselves over the last week or so, and a big thank you to everyone who has called to try and help even if its someone to talk to..

We were invited round to n.b Masibert and saw Andy and Hilary in their lovely new painted boat. 
We have also seen Tanya who came up to see us for a few days and used the time to do some revision for her work (interrupted by Tooty of course)..

She came baring gifts and we laughed at the name on the bottle.
 Al has lost 11 pounds and Del 20 pounds since Christmas, so we are in the best place at the moment.
Al was making us some lovely dinners to keep us going.
The 3rd of February was our 41st Anniversary of us together, when we had our first date on that day back in 1979. We did go out for something to eat at Nando's with Tanya and saw the film The Gentleman, we really enjoyed it.

So we still have very cloudy diesel, and we think this might be due to the fact that we have been keeping the engine room warm to protect the lithium batteries. This of course creates condensation, and due to the fact the diesel was only a quarter full this would also create condensation in the diesel tank.. So it was a win lose situation. So we have been slowly taking out the diesel and letting it settle so the water can be flushed out. We just didn't follow the rule of FILL THE TANK UP IF YOU'RE GOING TO LEAVE THE BOAT OR BE STATIC FOR A LONG TIME!
We are very good at cleaning and changing filters and draining water traps, so it does point to the heat in the engine compartment..


Stuart said...

So pleased you’re both keeping busy, and it won’t be long till you’re out on the cut.

Del and Al said...

Thanks Stuart, yep, not long now....

Blog27999 said...
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