Saturday, October 05, 2019

Flying at Ivinghoe Beacon with the pro's

After a day of bad weather and the wind in the wrong direction, Del managed to get a glider flying day in at Ivinghoe Beacon..
 Its about a two and a half mile walk from Derwent6 in Pitstone, but it is along some nice footpaths and bridlepaths. The wind was a lot stronger up in the Chiltern Hills of Bedfordshire but the flying was amazing..

Del managed to take these pictures while flying. There is a club called the Ivinghoe Soaring Club ( ) and you need insurance to fly here.They also ban electric flying aircraft inc drones as it is National Trust parkland. 
Del did meet the 2018 World Champion, Dave Woods, flying his Pitbull 2 glider and it was something else to see. He came second in the world champs this year..

It was then the walk back to Derwent6 where Al has cooked a lovely dinner and kept things snuggly in the boat.. You can feel the nights drawing in now, and we are turning lights on at 6.30pm, but there is just something about the autumn and winter we like..

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