Friday, October 25, 2019

All Brightening Up

There was a heavy mist outside of the porthole this morning which is always a good sign that the weather could change for the better. It was cold but nothing would stop us cruising with a few layers on..
It was very autumnal as we set of in the gloom like in Pirates of the Caribbean, but things soon started to clear just as we went through the swingbridge and onto the first lock at Ivinghoe.
This time the pound was full and there were even boats moored in it, "good luck with that" we thought as we passed them. We met a lovely Alsatian dog here who followed us and kept picking up a stick and dropping it to throw.
She was so sweet and held us up a bit as we played catch.. She must have came off of one of the boats in the pound..
We spotted the gliding club towing gliders up and that is another good sign as it meant the weather was going to brighten up..
We said our goodbyes for another year to Ivinghoe Beacon here in the background.
We then passed through the next lock as it felt a bit brighter and warmer.
And it was clear why this lock would be having a stoppage during the winter works..
Sure enough the weather did brighten up and we had clear blue skies.
We got to Slapton lock and decided to top up with water. We had to wait for a boat to finish filling but it was only small and we pulled back to fill the tank.
It was just wonderful cruising in bright sunshine all the way up to Church lock. Al decided to get some more washing on as there was a chance it might dry in the now pleasant sunshine.
  We then looked for a mooring and was surprised to see they had cut down all the reeds up to Grove lock which had opened up some more moorings here..
With the washing done, the washing line was put out, solar panels up and telly sorted out.. It turned out to be a very warm afternoon.. So we are low on wood and don't have any kindling so tomorrow might be a wood chopping day..

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