Thursday, January 11, 2018

Just Enjoying!

We made our way back to our favourite mooring and gathered some wood on the way..

Our plan was to just be on our own for a few days, and we made our way to where we knew we could get a good supply of wood, there seems plenty around this year..

Derwent6 had done it's 10 hours since the bottom pulley had fallen off due to a loose crankshaft nut..
Del removed the belts and checked the pulley, all good. He did manage to get another quarter turn on the outside clamp bolts so it was worth checking.. Its next check is at 40 hours! We still haven't had an invoice from Beta yet and have asked a few questions we want answered, so watch this space!

Del also had to repair the shower pump as the bolt holding the diaphragm had fallen off just as we were leaving before Christmas..

It also got serviced with new valves, as good as new now..

Its so quiet on the canal's at the moment and Tooty is happy to have it all to himself.. Del got to work on the brasses and Al got Derwent6 shipshape, and the Christmas decks came down for another year..

So we are JUST ENJOYING! we are so lucky! (Doing our press up's as we write this)..

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