Sunday, January 21, 2018

Hindering Things!

We have been just dossing around for the last week as we both had this cough and throat that seems to be going around..
Just to add to the problems Del has had a small back ache which has hindered things..
To top it all we had an email from CaRT saying we hadn't moved since November and from this blog you can clearly see we have.. We haven't even seen anyone take our number between Leighton Buzzard and Rugby, and we have been in a marina for 3 weeks over the Christmas period, so a phone conversation was in order..
Debbie was very nice on the other end of the phone, but was adamant that our number had been taken three times in the same place.. We patiently explained that we had moved several times and to read this blog or check with the marina to put things straight......
While ranting, we did send another email to Beta with some questions we want answered.
1. Why are they not informing all customers of this problem so they can check regularly for themselves.
2. Why are we having to pay for a modified kit on a problem which is clearly a design fault.

We still await a reply..


Sue said...

Ah now CRT have to have records... You have been caught lingering.. How dare you linger with colds and sore backs that is not allowed nor is a poorly engine!

Now shift yourselves, get on the flooded Tidal Trent and make your way to Leeds before the end of January or they will remove your boat from the water... Alternatively move your boat to London they tend not to bother you there!

Judith nb Serena said...

We had a problem with Beta on a three year old engine when the studs holding the fuel filter and the travel pack gennie to the bracket fitted by them sheared off. Turned out they were only 6mm studs. Cost us £168 to get it fixed! Beta wouldn't take any responsibility for the design fault when we communicated by phone or email so we tackled them face to face at Crick Show last year and got a credit note for the full amount.
Judith nb Serena

Del and Al said...

Oh Sue, that made us laugh out loud! Our sentiments exactly! Hope your treatment is going well, have been thinking of you xxx

Del and Al said...

Hi Judith, thanks for the info. That's interesting and food for thought! x