Saturday, February 27, 2016

Tooter's first Cruise

Well we were up nice and early with the intention of setting of early but with breakfast and other things we manage to get away and out of the marina at 9.15am.. Oh it felt so good to be cruising again and Derwent6 was enjoying making waves and purring like a kitten..
Oh talking of kittens, Tooty (or Tooter's as we call him) was very apprehensive once we got into gear and the prop was spinning, in fact that kitten turned into a little mouse..
We turned left on the Oxford and travelled up towards Hawkesbury Junction.. We saw our first lambs which do seem to be very early this year.
It is quite a while since we have done this stretch and you forget how pretty it is and how quiet it is at this time of year as well..

We pushed on to Ansty and still we hadn't passed a boat and there appeared to be loads of mooring everywhere..
After four hours cruising we arrived at Sutton Stop, but not before passing this restriction of a sunken boat just before we got there.. It's so sad to see.. Gosh that would have finished us off at this time..
We had a very light lunch and Del then did some jobs.. The fuel gauge was out of calibration as when we filled with fuel it was only showing at half full.. It was a small job of bleeding the pipe that drops into the tank and then adjusting the gauge on the resistor till it showed the correct reading..
We had a table booked in at The Greyhound pub on the Junction at 5.00pm. We booked it early because we couldn't get in any later, it is very popular, and when you eat there you will see why!
Our food was fantastic, and wow do you get you moneys worth.. What we loved about it is it wasn't a dressy up place, but it was excellent food by a warm cosy fire.. We will deffo be going back there (if we can get booked in)
So Tooter's was left for a bit and  he was fine, meowing as we opened the cratch cover and very pleased to see us..

We were knackered, with full tummies and a few beers inside us, cruising most of the day and not used to it again, so it was bed at 9.30pm..


Anonymous said...

First of all sorry for your loss. But it is nice to see happy people back on the cut happy cruising lol all on nb timewarp

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back where you belong.
Rog and Jane
nb Paneke
(We ate at the Greyhound last month.Excellent innit :)

Del and Al said...

Thank you both! Look forward to seeing you on the cut x