Thursday, December 05, 2013

Oh! so Quiet Shhhh Shhhh

After last nights heavy night we left a bit later than planned but still got away at 9.30am.. We made our way out of Braunston and we are still amazed at how quiet it is here.
We were soon out in the countryside and as the skies got bluer the wind got colder.. Del was wrapped up on the stern deck with four layers on... It was funny but we never passed a boat on our way to Hillmorton and we didn't pass many moored boats either, Onley was empty, and we made it in record time..
We got to the locks and Al had been making some jam and lemon curd tarts, so we had to wait in the lock till they had finished cooking as she didn't want to burn them.. We then got a single hander behind us so Al got the lock ready for her at every lock as well..
We took our time down the flight, still so quiet, and then got to the bottom lock where a gathering of boats were. We then just managed to find a mooring slot, "Oh so this is where they all are"
We set up the telly and then chilled in the afternoon and evening due to our lack of sleep last night..


Unknown said...

Im hoping that your managing to get some well earned rest without being disturbed too much by the wind! My boat feels like I'm out at sea at the moment!
Sorry to ask this on your comments section but I couldn't find anyway of contacting you. I was wondering if you would mind me posting an rss feed of your blog on my website? ( as I am compiling a list of my favourite blogs and would love to include Derwent6.
Many thanks.
Mark Hall (

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Passed you at Hillmorton on Saturday

Del and Al said...

Hi Mark, please feel free to include Derwent6 on your website, and thanks for asking :-)

Del and Al said...

Hi Brian & Diane, sorry we missed you

Unknown said...

Hi Del and Al,

Many thanks, I will look forward to hearing more tales afloat.

Have a great Christmas!