Monday, December 02, 2013

Derwent6 Grotto

We were up early as we had been coughing all night. This bloody cough won't go away but we had a busy day..  Del took the leaves off Derwent6 and Al got herself ready to go to Daventry on the bus.. Al left at 11.00am and Del then chopped up the wood on the roof to top up the locker.. Al picked up some Christmas cards for her Dad and got some treats for us. On her return we got out the Christmas Decks and put on some Christmas music and decorated Derwent6 into a grotto. It feels like Del is sitting in the corner with a white beard and red hat on giving out presents... 
We've got to say it does get you in the mood, and we need to be in the mood because there are presents to get and cards to make and send..  It was lovely in the evening with the telly on and the fire with the Christmas tree in the corner..

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