Sunday, August 25, 2013

Round two

We haven't blogged for the last few days due to the fact Al has gone down to Kent again as her Dad is having his second bout of chemo.. The scan had shown good results for the first tumour, and it has started to shrink, so the second tumour is now being treated in the same way. Al was looking after her Mum as her sister was away on holiday and Del went down on Thursday to pick up her Dad from King's in London..
 Derwent6 is being well looked after by friends on a boat moored next to us..  Everything went well but we are just making sure her Dad doesn't have any repercussions. We will be back on Derwent6 today and making sure everything is OK before we decide to move on..


nb AmyJo said...

So glad to hear Al's dad's treatment is working. Wish him well for us
warm regards
steve & chris

Anonymous said...

Give Alf a big hug and wish him well.
Inga Daniel with family from Sweden

Del and Al said...

Thanks everyone! Dad's doing really well, he's amazing and so resillient! x

Anonymous said...

oh no - don't know why my post isn't here....universal love to you all