Monday, August 12, 2013

A new boat again

Today was going to be Fender day.. We had been talking to a guy off a boat who had just started a new business called Ropes For Boats.. his name is Phil and Del had chatted with him about redoing our stern and bow buttons.. Phil came and had a look but said he couldn't save the bow one but could save the stern.. This would keep the cost down for us and he said he could do the pair for a hundred pounds. Our bow button had been sagging bad and the top mounts were pulling out due to Del trying to save them over the last year or so.

The stern button, well as you can see was falling to bits and was just rotten.
Phil got cracking on them after Del had taken off the stern one.. It wasn't long before he dropped the stern one back to us and Del fixed it on.. It looked fab and was a neat job..
We got the Bow button three hours later which made Derwent6 look like a new boat again.. 
Pleased with ourselves we took a walk up the pub for more fringe entertainment.. We got a seat and sat up the front with our beer.. Well what a load of rubbish they were.. They were called The Psychedelic Raiders which should have told us something.. We quickly drunk our pint and went back to Derwent6..


Jill, Matilda Rose said...

Smart 'ends' hope all goes well with your Dad's scan

Del and Al said...

Thanks Jill :-) x

Unknown said...

“We got a seat and sat up the front with our beer.” – That is the life! Well, it would be a shame not to enjoy the fruits of your labor. If I were to have a celebration, I would do more such as a boat or beach party! Olivia Taylor