Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Blue Skies, you have to Cruise

We woke up to bright sunshine and a thin film of ice on the canal.. We thought we would move over from where we were to the water point and get the washing going while filling with water..It would also give the sun a chance to melt the ice.. We had some breakfast and then when the ice had gone we moved up to Crick marina and pulled up on the diesel point..There was a crane waiting for a boat to come out of the water and also there was one going in but neither had arrived yet..
We slipped in there and got our diesel and a gas bottle, and pulled out just in time for everything to kick off there.. so with all tanks full we headed towards Welford.. The skies were blue and the waters so calm you could see everything reflecting off it..
We got to Yelvertoft when we met two boats who came out in front of us.. We got another two loads of washing done which brought everything up to date.. The countryside on this section is amazing and when the sky is blue it's fantastic...
We slowly made our way to Welford junction where we decided to moor up for the day..
We sat out in the cratch and watched the gliders flying over head..
The sun had brought a lot more boats out today and it started to feel very spring like.. We ended up watching the football in the evening and Al watched her Dallas a lot later.. We think the weather is going to change tomorrow, so we could be staying put for a few days...

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