Monday, January 21, 2013

Snowy Sunday

Is it cold on one of those boats through the winter?  Nah! (if you got some form of heating) but bloody hell it has been cold outside over the last few weeks, and we've got more to come.

It was snowing when we got up and we just worked hard to keep Derwent6 warm, and very warm and toasty it was too. We felt so snug it makes you feel excited when you look out at the cold winter weather.
We decided to have a walk in it even though it was still snowing and it was so pretty. Del wanted to see the football in the afternoon so a walk to the pub was in order. We arrived at 1.00pm and never came out till 6.30pm. (Del not happy with the Arsenal performance). It had been snowing all the time we were in there and when we came out cars were skidding all over the place. They couldn't get up the hill just outside pub, but it gave us a laugh. We had a snowball fight on the way home, not a good idea after a few beers, but this was a good shot.
We had about fifteen centimetres here and in the moonlight it was like a painting.
Derwent6 was still nice and warm as the fire had kept in ok. Al watched her Dancing on Ice while Del fell asleep......

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boute time you did those BRASSES Del