Saturday, January 19, 2013

Are you ready!!!!

Well we've been busy preparing things for the snow we were expecting..We found some more wood we have put a can of diesel in the tank and also used the spare water we had on Derwent6, Oh and the Buckby can came back into use for the toilet.  So we were ready for it. The thing is you're never ready for it.
We woke up in the morning and it was fine, as the snow we got the day before was only a couple of centimetres thicker. But as the morning went on it snowed harder and harder till we had about ten centimetres, the problem was the wind which was blowing it all about.
You couldn't go out in it because it was bitterly cold and the biting wind in your face burnt your cheeks.. It was even blowing under the mushrooms on the roof and blowing through the stern doors.
So we just had to sit it out.. All this still doesn't take away how pretty everything is.. We love it!!
As long as the fire is roaring in the corner and you have food and water, who cares!!! We have been watching a few DVD's we got over Christmas and also playing our games we have on Derwent6. Where we are we can walk down the pub, we have a shop, and if we want to we can get the bus into town, we can even go sledging.
 So being iced in is not so bad!!  We like living here...(for a bit)


One Thing After Another said...

We are the same on NB One Thing After Another! We took the boat somewhere different and got iced in but love it! The only concern is that our tank could run empty at the end of next week or maybe the week after, but we have a plan!

Hope you're enjoying the blog guys, we love yours.
Stay warm!

nb piston broke said...

fancy using the buckby as a bog what have you done rip the lid off