Monday, December 17, 2012

No Water, No Wood, No Food

We have felt a bit under the weather over the weekend with bad coughs and colds, and the trouble is we both don't do ill......With the showery rain we just wrapped ourselves away with the fire, radio and telly to keep us company.
Today however we has no choice but to move, as the water pump was letting us know Derwent6 was low on water. We were also out of wood and were fully on coal for the first time this year. Al wanted some shopping as well. We set off at 8.30am and made our way up to Newbold tunnel.
 We had to dodge the shopping trolley's at Brownsover. Tesco have to do something about this..
We had had a tip off that there was some wood here and low and behold a tree was down.
After turning we pulled over and could fill our boots with wood. We wasn't too greedy and left plenty for other boaters.

From there is was back through the tunnel and we then filled with water.
The problem was the water pump was still making a funny noise and on inspection we found the pump to be leaking and drawing in air. We seem to be having lots of water problems this year. We then made our way to Brownsover at Rugby, where we stopped for a food top up and while Al was away Del got cracking on the water pump leak. After getting the water out from under the floor Del sussed it was leaking from the filter assembly attached to the pump. After a clean and a reseal things were back to normal (fingers crossed).
We both got finished just before it got dark. So after a busy day we fell on the sofa knackered..


Jacquie said...

NO HOPE !!!!!
Bless you sound to be having a bad time of it, we know the feeling, hoping it gets sorted out soon for you, so you can relax in time for xmas. When your "hands free" of DIY tools,stress & ills, we can offer you a xmas tot !!! or 2 !!!
Jacquie & Stein

QISMA said...

We've also had lots of water problems this year so really sympathise. The dreaded noise of the water pump starting when it shouldn't!!