Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Happy Birthday Derwent6

After another night and morning with no hot water we were grateful of warmer temperatures. The problem was it brought rain with it. We knew we had to move today but we didn't want to get soaked in the process. We ended up getting away at 10.45am with blue skies on the horizon. We turned and then got to the water point when out of the blue the heavens opened again. Cup of tea time we thought!!!
When the blues skies had reached us again, we set off and this time it seemed we had picked the right window to move. We passed bloggers Keith and Ann on n.b Oakfield and then got to the bottom of Hillmorton Locks.

They were all in our favour so we soon got through them, and all the work they were doing on them has now been completed. It was so quiet as nobody seemed to be moving except us. With a full tank of water Al made the most of the cruise by doing two loads of washing and getting it dry. We then passed another blogging boat, n.b. Valerie and we stopped in the middle of the canal and had a chat for twenty minutes with Les and Jaq, who had just set off. We caught up a bit on what they had been up to and hopefully we will see them again before Christmas.
We still had a lot to do so we hit 1400 rpm as we approached Braunston.
It was empty as we arrived so we took the first mooring spot we could get.
Del then set about looking at the calorifier again as he wanted to confirm it was leaking from the same area and not from a joint or something else. The split he repaired had gone round a lot further so all the top of the tank appeared weak. Fit new was the only way forward. It was 3.30pm, so we walked round to Midland Chandlers where we had a tank reserved.
Fernwood, our boat builder, had been very good to us by letting us use their account and also their trade discount. We paid cash and got a great price for the tank and a new pressure valve. We were well happy!!
Today is Derwent6's Birthday, yep it is four years today that we have been living on the water and for a present, Derwent6 was getting a new calorifier, hopefully!!
When we got back it was getting dark and a lot colder, so it will be fitted tomorrow. We relaxed in the evening as it had felt like a long day..
 Thanks Derwent6 for a great four years!!!


Lisa said...

Many Happy Returns to you Derwent6 and congratulations to your owners, many more happy happy years to come,
Lisa x

Jo Lodge said...

Happy Derwent6, wow where did the time go. It is true to say time flies when you having fun.
Heres to many more years of cruising. xx

nb AmyJo said...

Happy birthday Derwent6 and we wish you all well for the future to come.
warmest regards
Steve & Chris

Ian and Irene Jameison said...

Happy Birthday Derwent 6. Even after 4 years your bodywork looks good! Must be all the love you receive by your owners!
Best wishes
Irene & Ian