Friday, October 28, 2011

Westfield for the Day

We were still a bit hung over from last night but we wanted to get out early with so much to see. We got the train from Kensal Green and got off at Stratford, and the Olympic Park. Al wanted to go the the new shopping centre, Westfield. It was nice and quite when we arrived and we managed to have a good look is huge. It has all the quality shops you need and backs right onto the Olympic Park. You still can't get to the stadium but you can see it will be fabulous. We stopped for a bit of lunch at the Mexican restaurant Wahaca. When we came out it had got very busy and we were pushing our way though loads of people. We wouldn't want to come here on a Saturday or just before Christmas!
We left about 3.30pm just before the rush hour on the Underground. We arrived back on Derwent6 in daylight and it wasn't long before we lit the fire.

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