Thursday, October 20, 2011

All ending up in Court

We woke up to another frost last night and we decided to make our way further up the Thames. So with hats and a few layers on we pointed Derwent6 into the sun. It was beautiful, but we had trouble seeing where we were going with the sun reflecting on the river and the roof.We soon got to Staines and it was warming up nicely, there are some lovely houses on the Thames in this area. We decided to stop for water and just top up while it was quiet. Things were all going well till we got to Weybridge. The lock had been closed due to divers inspecting the lock floor. They also inspected the lower gate hinges. We ended up having some lunch and it held us up for a hour. As we arrived in Hampton we passed David Gilmore's (Pink Floyd) recording studio or galleon and yep we went and had a good look. It was getting cold again as the sun went down, so we moored up at Hampton Court. Right outside the gates in fact, and we then lit the fire. We get a good telly signal here so the evening was sorted.


ditchcrawler said...

That will teach you to keep polishing the paint on the roof

Del and Al said...

Hiya, lol yeah you're right....but what a beautiful day

Ray Oakhill said...

Thought you might like some info on David Gilmou's boat, the Astoria:-
Built in 1911 for Fred Karno, theatrical impressario, who discovered Charlie Chaplin - costing £20,000 - to be the best houseboat on the river. The upper deck could accommodate a 90 piece orchestra. Bought by David Gilmour in 1986.