Wednesday, July 06, 2011

You won't be charging us

Al wanted to do some proper shopping in Marlow before we left so she had a couple of hours looking around. We ended up getting away at 11.30am and the weather looked iffy. We got through Marlow lock and then looked for a mooring. The first ones we came to were now charging five pounds to moor, so we just passed them by. We fancied some lunch so we stopped at Cookham. They let you moor there from 10.00am till 2.00pm free then fees were from four pound. What does that mean, FROM!!!! It could mean anything!! anyway we moved on at 1.50pm. We passed some lovely houses, one of them is supposed to belong to John Deacon of the rock band Queen, I wonder if it is this one.....We were still looking for a mooring and managed to find one right in the trees before we got to Maidenhead. It was so tight to get in Del managed to whack his head on a large branch which nearly knocked him out. He now has an egg head and a headache! (we can hear you laughing!) We had just got settled in and the heavens opened. It was a nice spot but we were on the move again. A guy had come along in a little motor boat and tapped on the side of Derwent6. "Seven pounds to moor here mate". "Where are the signs" we said, "Oh I still haven't got them (them being the National Trust) to put them up" "Well we're not paying then" we said. But to save any grief we moved on. We knew there were free twenty four hour moorings at Maidenhead, albeit by the main road, but they are free. Saying that, they are all getting on the band wagon and from August 1st they will be charging eight pounds here.We then had a lovely roast chicken dinner and watched a DVD in the evening. Three moorings in one day...unheard of for us!!!


Anonymous said...

I bet Del's head doesn't hurt as much as my feet this morning!!!


Anonymous said...

long and loud