Monday, July 11, 2011

Top spot at Windsor

We set off at 8.30am and got to Bray lock just as the lock keeper was turning up. "Jump on your vessel" he said to Al and we sailed through. We then saw Bray film studios again, but this time from the river. At Boveney lock we could see Windsor race course and we stopped to get rid of our rubbish we had amassed over the weekend. We continued around the parameter for the course and it wasn't long before Windsor castle was in view, just a fabulous sight travelling downstream. There had been a few good moorings we could have got onto on the way, but we had a mooring in mind where we could stay for a few days, we hoped...... We looked at the all the moorings nearest to the town, but they were 24 hours and charging four pound a night. Hmm the fair was in town so we also wanted to avoid the crowds if possible. So we took the plunge and we went through the massive Romney lock. We turned the corner and managed to see our old mooring we used last year. Derwent6 fits in like a glove and we can get right into the bank. We have been on Derwent6 two and a half years now and have still never used a plank yet. We still had our spectacular view of the castle and could watch the planes landing at Heathrow. We then had a ten minute walk into town and Al did her shopping therapy bit, and brought some new tops for the summer months ahead. We had a drink in Weatherspoons in the sunshine overlooking the Thames and afterwards went to Nando's for something to eat. We walked back across the park to Derwent6 and just relaxed with some magazines we had brought at the shops.


Anonymous said...

Al, why did you buy some summer tops - didn't you know it would make it rain? Bet you did the brasses as well!
Must make a date to come up and see you!
Z x

Del and Al said...

lol I know I thought that as well, although it's lovely here today. Be lovely to see you x

Anonymous said...

Looking at the forecast for the next week, my prediction was right - you have put the curse on the weather!! Oyster festival starts next weekend so Samba boy is booked up but middle of August and September are both looking quite free at the moment - don't know what plans you have? Of course you are always welcome in this neck of the woods if you are down and roving round xxx Z xx